Lynne Wynick





2020 a stones throw, 

 2019 oil 

2019, Légare at 10_blaze; limited edition book/multiple

2014/19 légaré at 10_ multiple for building

2018 gloveberg to oilstroke

2017, edge; limited edition book/multiple coinciding with the exhibition edge, Verb Gallery, Kingston, ON

2016 imaginal; limited edition book/multiple of poems and images, a recent collaboration with poet, Margot Lettner

2014 shiver of history II, old union station; limited edition book/multiple coincided with the exhibition Historiographic, Harbourfront Centre Art Gallery

2013, shiver of history (I), proposal forTSG as a the great Toronto fire 

2007 – present, match box  and accordion multiples

2003 – as the case maybe


1999 – nine books;

05 shiver_ous