gloveberg to oilstroke

gloveberg to oilstroke is a the limited edition book/multiple published to coincide with the symposium, Reframing Doris McCarthy, at the Doris McCarthy Gallery, University of Toronto Scarborough, November 17, 2018, presented in conjunction with the DMG exhibition, The body may be said to think, Doris McCarthy and Kate Wilson, November 16, 2018 - January 26, 2019, curated by Stuart Reid.

It can be previewed and is available at the Doris McCarthy Gallery, UTSC, during the symposium, November 17, 2018 and during the exhibition, November 16, 2018 to January 26, 2019.


For my task based project, Daily Studio Boxes, 2007/8, I assembled and photographed studio detritus,
the remains of the day, sketching, in a sense, the studio process

gloveberg started then - photographs of discarded latex gloves, with a surprising affinity to Doris McCarthy iceberg and ice flow paintings.

In 2018, picking up from the 2007 gloveberg, re-examining and expanding on the inherent dichotomy of appeal and presage, this small edition book has evolved to coincide with the symposium, Reframing Doris McCarthy.

Doris once said in response to our questions about the stark ochre colour patches at the base of many of her icebergs and flows. "Well my dears, that's oil pollution!" Her words were tinged with some degree of irony and concern. Crisscrossing Canada, Doris reached some far-flung places in her quest to “paint the country”. Touching the land gently, she drew our attention to its beauty and fragility.

And so, for Doris;
from gloveberg to oilstroke -an attempt to capture the ephemera of a beautiful and threatened landscape -and a moment of recognition of oil in its many forms and derivations--


gloveberg I, 2007
digital photograph, variable size