Launch and reception:

Thursday June 23, 2016, 5:30 - 7:30pm
Lettner reading at 6:30pm
WTG@S27, 401 Richmond Street West, Studio S27
Refreshments provided

A limited edition book of poems and images, a recent collaboration of Margot Lettner and Lynne Wynick

Toronto poet, Margot Lettner, and gallerist, curator and artist, Lynne Wynick have been exchanging some studio work and ideas since 2013, opening avenues for dialogue and subsequent work.

Book notes:

Lynne's compositions of found objects, often from the rummages of electronic, plumbing, or IT hardware, hold remarkable emotional depth, offer portals to narrative. Their transitory nature, often unhinged construction, invite metamorphosis.
   — Margot Lettner

The free form ricochet process that Margot and I have followed for the last year has resulted in a revelatory sequence of work. Margot's poems - abstract, surprisingly lyrical, moving and thought provoking, with hints of a deep history- are inspirational. My assemblages and photographs, rooted in sculptural play and happenstance, are fed by the mix of materials and associations.
   — Lynne Wynick

vitrine ml 140, 2016, photograph, variable size